Heyo! My name is Ryan Smith, more simply known as Smitty. I'm an artist, designer, and maker originally from Ohio now living and practicing in San Francisco.  

My interests in art and design cover a vast range of mediums and disciplines from fine art foundations of drawing, painting, and printmaking to typography and animation. All are useful as a means to create communication that both informs and delights. I approach design problems with principles rooted in Swiss style and use those methodologies to define constraints and iterate through comparative analysis. I enjoy every part of the design process, from research and discovery to concepting, sketching, and refinement.

I am currently working with a group of talented folks focused on making consumer financing smarter and more accessible at a company called Blend. There, my role is to design brand experiences that span clients, candidates, and our internal team. In my spare time I also work on fun branding projects with my colleague, Nick D'amico, through our partnership 367design

My creative passion often overlaps in other areas beyond graphic design and include creative writing, photography and drums. I am full of energy and ideas, and I would love to share them with you. Please reach out if you'd like to grab coffee or a cold one and learn more.