I am an artist / designer / maker born and raised in the heart of the rustbelt in northeast Ohio. Today I work in San Francisco for a company called Blend with a group of talented folks working to make consumer financing smarter and more accessible. My role is designing brand experiences that span clients, candidates, and our internal team. I also work on fun branding projects with my amigo, Nick D'amico, through our partnership 367design

Outside the office, I enjoy being active and soaking up the California sunshine. An ideal weekend includes a skate to the beach, a pick-up basketball game, a round of golf, or snowboarding with friends in Tahoe.

My interests in art and design cover a vast range of mediums and disciplines, though my expertise and focus lies heavily on typography. I geek out on Swiss design methodologies, as well as the timeless work produced by legends like Armin Hofmann and Wolfgang Weingart. My favorite part of any design process is digging in and experimenting in the sketching phase. If these sorts of things also interest you, I would love to grab coffee and chat.

My creative passion often overlaps in other areas beyond graphic design and include creative writing, painting, and drums. I am full of energy and ideas, and I would love to share them with you. Let's collaborate.